2x24W Stereo 1x48W Mono


FS2119N is a dual-channel medium-power audio amplifier chip integrated with FourSemi FS Techno audio algorithm. It supports up to 2x24W stereo BTL or 48W mono PBTL output and applies to TV, smart speakers, wireless speakers, monitors, smart home audio and IoT appliance.


● Wide Input Supply Range: 4.5V to 26.4V

● Supports Multiple Output Configurations

- 2x24W @1%THD+N into 8Ω BTL at 21V

- 2x18W @1%THD+N into 8Ω BTL at 18V

- 2x7.8W @1%THD+N into 8Ω BTL at 12V

- 1x48W @1%THD+N into 4Ω PBTL at 21V

● Sampling Frequency from 32kHz to 96kHz

● Built-In Anti-Pop Function for BTL BD Modulations

● Support BTL Stereo and PBTL Mono Loudspeaker Amplifier Working Mode

● 15 Programmable Biquads for Speaker Equalization

● Provide 128 Tap FIR filter

● Programmable Coefficients for DRC Filters and Supporting Multi-Compression Ratios

● Built-In DC Blocking Filters

● Protection Features: UVLO, OVP, OCP, OTP and DCR

● QFN-28L Thermally Enhanced Package

Package Size

2x24W Stereo  1x48W Mono
Part NumberPackageSize(mm)
FS2119NQFN-28L4 x 5 x 0.85

Block Diagram