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10V DSP Smart PA


FS1894SU is a smart PA chip integrated with FourSemi SDG, which is speaker excursion and temperature protection algorithm, FS Sound audio algorithm and I/V sense function. It has high performance while low power consumption and applies to mobile phones, tablets, smart watches, smart home audio, etc.


● High fidelity 24-bits DAC

- DAC 111dB SNR

- 17µV output noise

● High efficiency adaptive boost

- Integrated boost converter with maximum boost up to 10V

- Support adaptive mode for optimized power consumption

● High efficiency Class-H

- Integrated high efficiency Class-H amplifier

- Up to 5.5W RMS output power with 8Ω load

● Built in audio processor

- 10-Bands parametric equalizer

- Programmable compressor & limiter

- Stereo configuration integrated for RAS

- FS-Sound integrated (BASS,VOCAL,DE-ESSER)

● Adaptive speaker membrane displacement control

●  Adaptive speaker voice coil temperature control

● Digital I2S I/O

- I2S I/O-8kHz-48kHz sample rates

● I2C control port maximum speed up to 1MHz

● Mono Class-D speaker driver

Package Size

10V DSP Smart PA
Part NumberPackageSize(mm)

2.78 x 2.78

Block Diagram