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9.5V Hybrid Smart PA


FS1758N is an analog-input hybrid smart PA chip integrated with I sense function . It has high performance while low power consumption.Cooperating with FourSemi SDG, which is speaker excursion and temperature protection algorithm, and FS Sound audio algorithm, it applies to mobile phones, tablets, smart watches, smart home audio, etc.


● Boost converter voltage up to 9.5V

● High performance Class-D amplifier

- 5.2W 1% THD+N (8Ω at 4.2V)

- 6.0W 1% THD+N (6Ω at 4.2V)

- 112dB SNR at 1% THD+N(8Ω at 4.2V, 18dB gain)

● High efficiency boost

- Total efficiency of boost + Class-D up to 82.5%

- Class-G adaptive boost control for longer battery life

● Ultra low noise

- 12μV (receiver mode, 7.5dB gain)

- 17μV (speaker mode, 18dB gain)

● High PSRR: 82dB (217Hz)

● Support differential or single-ended analog input 

● Integrated speaker coil temperature protection module

● Battery Safeguard Protection

● Thermal foldback

● Thermal and overcurrent prevention

● Support 1.8V logic I2C control

Package Size

9.5V Hybrid Smart PA
Part NumberPackageSize(mm)
FS1758NFCQFN-20L2.5 x 2.5

Block Diagram